Take the Shop Local Pledge!

Take the PLEDGE Today

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Take the Pledge and WIN!

Take the Back to School Shop Local Pledge and enter your name to be drawn for some BIG prizes!  One lucky shopper will be drawn from INSIDE the Jetmore City Limits to win their month of August, City of Jetmore residential utilities to be waived!  That's right!  FREE!  Now, we know that not all of our shoppers live within the City Limits...and we're not leaving you out.  Another drawing will take place for all of you who take the pledge and live OUTSIDE the City Limits...if your name is drawn, you will win $200 in Hodgeman Bucks to be spent anywhere in the County!  

SIMPLY TYPE IN YOUR NAME and I PLEDGE....and send it to us!  It's completely up to you to decide what you pledge to do.  For some it may be purchasing all of the fuel you can here in Jetmore; for some it might be school supplies for the kids; for others it may be an extra $50 in groceries from your local grocery store; others may choose to dine in-town at one of our restaurants once a week; you might even want to pledge to getting more of your services here...such as car repair and health services!  It's up to you!  These are just some ideas....the purpose of this Pledge is just to help us think about all of the items and services that we can get right here in JetMORE!