Landfill and Recycling


Hodgeman County Landfill

Although the Landfill is open at this time, HG County Recycling has been closed and will remain so for an indefinite period of time, effective 03/19/2020.

Landfill Hours of Operation:

Gates open at 8:00 a.m. and Close at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

The Landfill is always closed on Sunday and Monday.  (If it is to be closed on an additional holiday, the closing will be posted in the newspaper for 2 consecutive weeks prior to the date of closure.)

Landfill Policies and Procedures:

* All Unwanted trash must be sorted and placed in designated areas

* All household trash must be bagged

* All loads must be secured and covered

* There is NO charge for trees or grass clippings

* There is NO charge for clean metal and household appliances NOT containing freon.

* There is NO charge for Household Hazardous Waste

* Mixed loads will be charged DOUBLE

* The Hodgeman County Landfill ONLY accepts waste generated in Hodgeman County.

* You MUST check in with the Landfill Operator or Office Manager (in the blue building) PRIOR to dumping.  

To make the cost of trash disposal as low as possible, there are no scales to weigh trash at this time.  The amount to be charged will be handled by the Landfill Operator and the cost will be determined by the type and quantity of the load.

​The Landfill will only accept cash or check.  We are unable to accept credit cards at this time.


ours  newHanston's recycling trailers are located at Elk Plaza (203 N West Street) in Hanston.  It is parked at the SE corner of the facility's grounds and is open year-round, 24 hours a day.  If it is full, please contact Brian Nuss at 620.357.8347.  

The trailers are well-marked with instructions.  

Plastic Grocery Bags can be recycled at the Jetmore Food Center.

Jetmore's recycling center is located just Southeast of Jetmore Food Center and now has new hours.  Please download the new hours and regulations sheet below.
If you have questions, please contact Brian Nuss at 620.357.8347.

The Recycling Center has been closed as of 03/19/2020 until

Recycling 2019 (pdf)


Fee Schedule

Landfill Fees (pdf)